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Hey India! The Increadible India is well known for its veriety. lets explore the various foods of India.I belongs to Maharashtra whoes capital is ‘The bollywood city’ ‘Amchi Mmbai’. now what to say about mumbai you better search it on google. considering the crowd of the city and their demand the food from everystate is available here.Like Mumbai Pune the students city also has almost every states food on food corners.Lets not forgate the city of Gates (52gates),historical as well as asian monuments like ellora ajintha caves, Aurangabad is very rich in food variety.. and the next is Nashik the Kumbh mela city. The surrounding hills originated the river Godawari that runs to south and then meets sea.At Paithan an earthen dam Jayakwadi and its reservoir called Nathsagar is really a masive.

Lets explore them one by one every week.

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